WSD-2A Digital Sonic Instrument

WSD-3 system is developed on the basis of years’ research and integrated with the latest technologies, such as 14bit A/D, surface mount technology and multi-layer PCB, etc. It is portable and applys for various complicated conditions in engineer prospection.


It applys for material and structure inspecting, with sonic or ultrasonic wave, such as on non-ferrous material of concrete, rock, rock core sample, ceramic, graphite, without damaging the measured object. Or on intensity detecting of concrete components, on inner fault detecting of the structure; fissure inspecting, complex detecting on quality and depth of the damaged section of the object, structure thickness, pier foundation quality inspecting and parameter check of elastic-material mechanics, etc.

Specific for
a). Perform penetration test on rock, rock core sample, concrete and other non-ferrous materials.
b). Inspecting pier foundation, or intensity, shallow fissure, deep fissure, density, homogeneity of the object, etc.
c). On engineering borehole survey, transmitting once in a single borehole can receive signal from several directions, or performing cross borehole survey.
d). Integrity test on pier through hammering.




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Main Features:

•   High reliability
•   High automation
•   Strong anti-interference
•   Large liquid crystal display
•   Flexibility of operation
•   Flexibility of power
•   Advanced power management
•   Reserves----128MB flash disk, to memorize all kinds of data and waveform, convenient for home analysis.
•   Data unload convenience -All Chinese Windows based analysis for PC or note PC: multi-function, easy   operation, generate three testing reports (confirming the rules by China Ministry of construction).

Technical Specifications:

Receiving channel 2
A/D 12 bit
Sampling interval 0.1~3276.7µs
Sampling length 512 ~ 4096 point
Trigger single, continous, singal, external
Trigger level 10% ~ 70% FRS
Passband width 10Hz ~ 500kHz
Sonic time measurement range 0~32767*∆t(∆t sampling interval)
Sonic time measurement precision ±0.1µs
Sonic amplitude reading range -20dB~84dB
Sonic amplitude reading precision 1.0%
Transmitting channel 1
Transmitting voltage 100~1000V
Transmitting width 1µs~500µs

Optional Accessories:

50KHz planar transducer 100KHz planar transducer 250KHz planar transducer