PDJC Series Logging Winch

Main Features:

•  The hand crank with variable speed makes the operation more easy
•  The efficient hydraulic brake device enable to slow down or temporary brake at any time by operator.
•  Designed with slip ring, the connection during measurement is convenient.
•  The universal sealing connector at the end of cable applys for the different electrode probe with different space.
•  The locking device support locking winch, easy for measurement and transportation.
•  The handle could be folded for transportation.




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Technical Specifications:

Model PDJC-300 PDJC-500 PDJC-800
Cable length 300m 500m 800m
Core number of core 6 core
Max working voltage 240VAC
Max working current 2A
Isolution ≥500MΩ/500V
Cable tensile ≥600kg
Demension 625 mm* 480 mm* 460 mm 695 mm* 520 mm* 500 mm 735 mm * 600 mm* 580 mm
Weight 56kg 76kg 106kg