Geo-electrical Logging System

Resistivity logging measures the subsurface electrical resistivity, which is the ability to impede the flow of electric current. This helps to differentiate between formations filled with salty waters (good conductors of electricity) and those filled with hydrocarbons (poor conductors of electricity). Resistivity and porosity measurements are used to calculate water saturation. Resistivity is expressed in ohms or ohms\meter, and is frequently charted on a logarithm scale versus depth because of the large range of resistivity. The distance from the borehole penetrated by the current varies with the tool, from a few centimeters to one meter.

The geo-electrical logging system includes:

* Geo-electrical system (as WDDS-2/3, WDJD-4, WDA-1)
* Electrode probe
* Manual winch
* Wellhead pulley




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Electrode probe   Manual winch (max supprot 300m)