WDJS-3 Multi-channel IP Receiver

WDJS-3 is the latest time-domain induced polarization receiver, working with short lead wire. In operation, a WDFZ-5T or WDFZ-10T series high-power intelligent transmitter may be the power source and several receivers could work simultaneously; what's more, the receiver can measure with several channels, which multiples the working efficiency. It is able to directly measure and store SP, primary electric potential, and apparent polariability at four different periods of time (M1-M4) that available for one voltage supply, in addition to secondary decaying curve, and thus provides future data analysis and processing with maximum flexibility.


•   Metal and non-metal mineral resources prospecting
•   Under groundwater exploration
•   Engineering geology investigation


Main features:

•   Multi-channels, high efficiency: maximum time-share working channels are 20 (1, 6, 12 and 20 channels optional, according to specific order). For 20-channel receiver, maximum 21 electrodes to be connected; system could also divide it into two sections and measure twice (even channels or odd channels) but acquire 20 readings of measured data from each electrode pair. Through this way, the efficiency of field work is dramatically improved.



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•   High performance: each channel of the instrument is absolutely isolated from electrical influence (which is equal to the performance of several single-channel receiver), and thus keeping free from the shortening of channel range or incorrect measuring results because of pseudo isolation among channels when the common-mode voltage is relatively higher.
•   Support several synchronization modes: It includes software synchronization, quartz clock synchronization, and optional GPS synchronization and so on. Among those, software synchronization is conventional method enabling system be compatible with conventional time-domain IP survey system; while quartz synchronization and GPS synchronization are the latest inventions of BTSK which have to cooperate with WDFZ-5T or WDFZ-10T series high power intelligent transmitter. Because of the fast measuring speed, it is very suitable for regions with weak signals or high interference where are impossible for ordinary synchronization modes.
•   Automated: single-chip compensates and adjusts SP, wave filtration automatically, and thus enhances signals.
•   Fast and precise measurement: waveform technology with auto-recognition combined with various synchronization modes, which ensure the high precision of turn-off time and polarizability measurement. At the same time, it avoids the problem of the enlarger of apparent polarizability error results from excessively estimated turn-off time error by its similar instruments.
•   Built-in real time clock: instrument is designed with a precision real-time clock, which records time automatically. Time parameters at the measuring action are stored together with measured results respectively, facilitating calculation of apparent resistivity in the future.
•   Mass memory capacity: memory capacity is up to 1GB (extendable), able to store over 1,000,000 readings of current information; all these data are under power-failure protection. Compact design, lightweight and portable
•   High-resolution LCD display (with backlight), support English and Chinese edition operating interface, and real-time curve dynamical display.
•   Low power consumption: with large-scale CMOS integrated circuit and special stand-by working method; power supply will be cut off automatically once stand-by state overtimes.
•   Data stored in flash U disk format: instrument supports data check out though USB port, and it is recognized as a common flash U disk memory automatically. Data could be edited in the same way with common flash U disk.
•   Sealed constitution: features waterproof and dust-proof design, long lifetime and so on.


WDJS high-power induced polarizaiton receiver
                         WDJS-3 IP Receiver                                   WDJS-3/6 3/12 IP Receiver                                     WDJS-3/20 IP Receiver

Technical Specifications:
Time-share working channel 1 6 12 20
Simultaneous working channel 1 3 6 10
Max electrode support 2 7 13 21
Primary potential Vp -30V~30V ±1%
Apparent polarizability -40%~40% ±1%
SP compensation -2.5V~2.5V
Input impedance ≥40MΩ
Power supply cycle 4s,8s,16s,32s,64s,128s,256s
Turn-off time 50ms~1000ms, 20 notches
Secondary field time  window 4(compatible with WDJS-2), secondary field decay curve
Stacking times 1~100, optional
50Hz industrial interference suppression 80dB
Sync mode Software sync(standard), quartz clock sync(standard) and GPS sync(optional)
LCD display 160×160 dot-matrix, back light 240×128 dot-matrix, back light
Memory capacity ≥1GB(1GB = 1024MB) subject to change
Communication port USB serial port
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃, 95%RH
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Power source of instrument 7.2V4Ah rechargeable lithium battery 12V9Ah rechargeable lithium battery
weight ≤1.8Kg ≤5.5Kg ≤6.7Kg ≤7.0Kg
volume                                         210mm * 100mm * 180 mm  340mm * 295mm * 152 mm 340mm * 330mm * 174 mm 406mm * 330mm * 174 mm