WCZ-1B Proton Magnetometer

WCZ-1B proton magnetometer is a upgrade model base on WCZ-1, which has a more compact design and internal battery. Magnetic measurement precision is ±1nT and resolution reaches 0.1nT. Boasting large storage, high resolution, and flexibility, WCZ-1B can measure total field intensity, horizontal or vertical gradient component with resolution of0.1nT by altering sensor structure.


•   Mineral survey, such as iron ore, lead-zinc ore, cupper ore
•   Mineral prospecting, mineral ore depth, orientation, and continuity, ore shape, size and scale
•   Oil, natural gas survey, related geological structure.
•   General survey and local survey, geological mapping
•   Base station for aerial and marine magnetic survey
•   Fault detection.
•   Archaeology.
•   Hydrogeology.
•   Engineering survey, such as pipe finding. 
•   Monitoring earthquake auspice, volcano and other environmental disasters.
•   Small ferrite body finding.





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•   Total magnetic field and gradient survey (horizontal and vertical gradient, special sensor is needed)
•   Fitted for field working as well as for base station
•   Built-in real-time clock, the data were stored with the measuring time together
•   Interan rechargeable lithum battery as well as support external 12v car battery
•   Latitude, longitude, elevation and time information of every measuring point are stored to compose measuring result. Timing and storing actions carry out periodically.
•   Large screen display, English interface, can automatically show magnetic curves, easy in operation.
•   Backlight LCD, fitted for night survey.
•   Keyboard is of user-friendly design and supports both hands operation.
•   Auto and manual turning support.
•   Easy and portable, the whole system is designed with sensor-antenna pack frame and thus can be operated by one person.
•   With RS-232C port.

Technical Specifications:

Measuring range 20,000 nT ~ 100,000nT
Accuracy ±1nT
Resolution 0.1nT
Gradient permitted ≤5,000nT/m
Measuring speed ≤ 2 s / reading
GPS Positioning accuracy <2.5m CEP(CEP, the circular error probability, means taking the position of antenna as the center, 2.5m as its radius to draw a circle, then 50% of the results are inside the circle while 50% of the results outside it).
Storage 100,000 readings
Keyboard input 16 keys
Port USB port
Power source Internal Rechargeable battery or external 12V battery
Console dimension 210mm * 85mm * 190mm
Weight 2.1Kg (including battery)
Sensor size  φ75mm * 155mm
Sensor weight 0.8 Kg
Working temperature                -10 ℃~+50 ℃